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Good Things Christian Church

Welcome wonderful people of God, we're glad you found your way here . The entire GTCC family welcomes you with open arms so please make use of all the resources available to you on our website and do follow us on all platforms to make sure you never miss important updates from the ministry.

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What to Expect?

We are a word based ministry who believe in all the fruits and gifts of the spirit. We believe in the power of prayer and we believe in engaging in spiritual warfare ( 2 Corinthians 10:14).

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Our Vision

What We Believe

We seek unity in essential beliefs

We believe in the Trinity "God the father, the son the holy spirit" in Jesus Christ crucified on the cross, died and resurrected.

We value liberty in non-essential beliefs

we hold a steadfast commitment to unity in essential beliefs while embracing diversity in non-essential ones. While non-essential beliefs are not disregarded, they do not serve as a basis for our fellowship.

We pursue love in all things

our mission is centered on the profound pursuit of love in every aspect of life. Grounded in the teachings of faith, we draw inspiration from the scriptures that emphasize the importance of love as a guiding principle.

Helping people know Jesus, grow in faith & go into the world equipped to serve.

Our Team


Embodied in Christian leadership is the profound principle of servanthood, where leaders see themselves not as rulers but as devoted servants of God and His people

Rev Dr Henry Ighedo

General Overseer

Mrs Ruth Ighedo

Vice General Overseer

Clark Ighedo

Prayer and Interccessor

Mrs Josephine Ehoho Acquaye


Sunny Tolukoro


Martins Opone


Mrs Temitope Great

Directorate Planning Programme